Alessio Schiavon

Italian born artist and creative formerly known as Untho. Alessio currently spends his time surfing and sharpening his skill as an artist, designer and entrepreneur. His work is driven by a passion for strong concepts, a punk attitude (D.I.Y.) and a deep connection with board riding culture, street culture and art.

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Back in 1999 I’ve created a word to define my online art gallery and art portfolio: Untho. The subjects of my paintings were mainly faces of people living in the city and their expression: I was really impressed by the signs of the passing of time on their faces.

A year after creating the online portfolio I’ve decided to let the people know my thoughts: instead of painting in my studio, I’ve designed posters and stickers and I started pasting them on street walls.

I wanted to provoke a reaction to observers, I wanted to make them think about their lifestyle.

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Untho Clothing
Untho has been a clothing line from summer 2005 until summer 2011. Catalogs are available to view here.

Case Study
Untho project has been a "case study" in the following university:
  • IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) Milano.
  • University of Padova: “Corso di laurea in Scienze della comunicazione”.
  • University of Milano, University "Cattolica del Sacro cuore", “Corso di laurea in Sociologia dei processi culturali” , Milano. 
  • University of Bologna, “DAMS”.
  • What does the word "Untho" mean?
    UrbaN TrasH Optimized.
    Untho is acronym (more or less) that I created using the first and the last letter of theses words.

    “Urban Trash” represents the media I used to realize my early artworks: leftovers (usually cart board or wood objects) taken from the streets.

    “Optimized” is a web technical word that means "images ready to be published online": I referred to the artwork photos ready to be published on my online gallery. 

  • Where the "Untho Icon" comes from?
    At the time, the subjects of my paintings were maily faces of people living in the city and their expressions.

    "Untho Icon" comes from those paintings:  Untho is the "poster version" that I designed to be reproduced on posters and stickers.

    "Untho body" instead comes from the position of a “teacher at the desk”: my purpose was to give an overbearing look to the “Untho is never tired” icon.

  • Untho Manifesto
    I've written a manifesto to state the concepts behind Untho street campaign and propaganda.

    Untho provokes those who suffer the city rhythms.

    Untho interferes in the occupation rules of the visual spaces.

    Untho proposes an aesthetic intervention for the freedom of expression in the public space

    Provoke, Interfere and Propose
    Alessio Schiavon, March 17th 2002

Images and all contents © Alessio Schiavon 2020